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Connect Power Bi to the ZDM

Connect Power Bi to the ZDM

Date: 04/2020  |. Version: 1.0

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft that allows building interactive visualizations and business intelligence analysis with a drag and drop interface.

Power BI provides cloud-based BI (business intelligence) services, known as “Power BI Services”, along with a desktop-based interface, called “Power BI Desktop”.

In this tutorial, the Power Bi Desktop is used to build a dashboard that connects to the Zerynth Device Manager API retrieving the last month of data of a workspace.

To start with this tutorial you need:

  • A Zerynth Device Manager account with an active workspace where at least one device has been created
  • A Zerynth device running the simple ZDM example (see the ZDM getting started for how to program and connect a device to the ZDM) or a PC/Raspberry Pi running the ZDM Client Python lib example (see the dedicated how-to guide here)
  • Power Bi desktop installed on your computer (download from here)
  • The ready to use .pbx file you can download from here
  • Copy and paste skills :)

The .pbx file you downloaded is a Power Bi Desktop project with a ready to use demo dashboard that connects to the ZDM via API, retrieving the last month of data available in a specific workspace. 

In Power Bi, data sources are customizable using the Microsoft m query language. In the demo project, we prepared a custom query that calls the ZDM API. This query needs to be updated with the ID of the workspace you want to use as a data source and with your Zerynth authorization token.

To retrieve the ZDM workspace ID, open the ZDM web interface at https://zdm.zerynth.com/ click on the workspace you want to use, and copy the Workspace ID from the blue box located in the top-left area of the interface.

Save it somewhere, we’ll use it later.

Now you need the Zerynth authorization token for the API. Just open https://backend.zerynth.com//v1/sso, login if requested, and copy your token.

Now you can edit the query by opening the Power Bi project, click on the Transform Data button in the Home menu ribbon and then click on Advanced Editor to open the m query language editor.

Replace the workspace ID and the Token with yours, as reported in the following code example:

Copy to Clipboard

Click Done and wait for the data table to update. If everything goes fine you will see your last month of data published by your devices on the selected workspace in the table. Click Close&Apply and you will see the dashboard updated with your data!

That’s all! Now you can play with Power Bi extending your dashboard as you wish.

If you want to change the firmware of your devices, thus modifying the Tag and Value names, you can use the following basic query where the payload is not split in different column tables directly in the query. You will do the splitting using the wizard provided by Power Bi in the Query Editor.

Copy to Clipboard

The wizard can be opened by clicking on “split” in the payload column of the new table you will get.

Now you can publish your Dashboard online if you want!