Models of use for IoT technologies in the Italian industrial world and beyond: discover how important it is for companies to be a part of the world technology market with cutting-edge machinery in industry 4.0.

The term IoT, so often used recently, has made its way ubiquitously into the world of Italian industrial technologies. With respect to Industry 4.0 many loans endorsed the possibility for Italian companies to exploit the novelty of IoT solutions for their companies … but what are they?

The abbreviation itself, IoT, is an acronym meaning Internet of Things, and we can, simply, translate it by using “internet of things”. This acronym refers to anything that allows you to connect any object or device in the real world to the internet. It is a high technological solution, not a simple connection, which allows you to collect varied data from a wide range of elements from the industrial world.

Since IoT solutions have interfaced with the world of industrial machines, it is precisely with a current view toward industrial energy monitoring and improving industrial machinery performance. Therefore, the collection of varied data is useful for improving production performance and saving energy.

Never at this moment in history have we witnessed that energy saving turns out to be a hostile and complex topic for many companies that find themselves faced with exorbitant costs in areas that could be calmly improved thanks to using industrial IoT machines.

Change is underway

The shift towards adopting IoT solutions by companies and the pace of growth and evolution of IoT technologies themselves require companies to quickly come to terms with its implications and face changes that could jeopardize their future. Manufacturing companies will also see a profound transformation in their operating and business models.

Advantages and disadvantages

IoT solutions allow companies to fully manage their data extracted from machinery, thus obtaining an accurate overview of their plants. It is possible to improve sustainability, reduce waste, cut costs, and increase the duration of the industrial machinery park, thereby obtaining advantages both from an economic point of view (reducing waste and unnecessary cost) and from an environmental point of view.

The main advantage that IoT solutions for companies offer lie in the possibility of automating their operational efficiency by maximizing its improvement. Robotics, automated machinery, and installed sensors allow you to work smarter, more efficiently, and more precisely. This increases productivity and helps manufacturers optimize their functions.

Business IoT solutions also help to significantly reduce manual errors. Manufacturers can digitize almost any part of their business.- Limiting manual tasks reduces the risk associated with manual labor. These manufacturing and operational errors aren’t the only areas considered important to a business.

A further advantage, moreover, consists in the benefits related to cyber security and the use of secure protocols for communication and data processing.

IBM recently published a study addressing the issue of cybersecurity stating that this is often caused by human error. In fact, if underestimated, security breaches could cost companies millions. The use of industrial IoT solutions, on the other hand, could help mitigate these types of errors and make the entire process safer.

Stopped production?

With IoT solutions for companies, it is possible to eliminate the risk of production downtime. This is one of the aspects that most influences operational processes and costs. But, what causes a production stop? A simple answer is the lack of predictive maintenance made possible thanks to IoT solutions.

When maintenance is reactive, it only happens at the moment of failure, instead of the proactive action, which manages to avoid it. Then production suffers in a big way. With predictive maintenance, powered by IoT solutions for companies, the operation of machinery is always monitored.

Alerts allow you to receive the status of your machine in real-time, predicting what must be replaced in order to avoid blocking the machines.

Industrial IoT Products

What are the tools needed for IoT solutions in business? These are characterized by hardware and software sets designed to enable new functions for systems such as:

  • Data analysis extracted from IoT technologies
  • Real time monitoring
  • Edge-device management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Immediate alarm and error detection

The possibility of connecting all the machines in your company to a single control dashboard allows you a broad and ordered data collection. It is obvious that a large amount of data for analysis is complex to manage in a short time, and that is why IoT Solutions for companies are essential. IoT visualization tools help us understand the volume and variety of data collected in order to immediately perceive where improvements can be made.

Zerynth IoT solution for companies

Zerynth’s Industrial IoT Platform is capable of interfacing with any industrial machinery in a simple and non-invasive way. It offers easy integration with any BI, ERP or MES system already present in your company. Integration is available with third-party services through Rest Open API or Webhooks.

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