Interactive objects and IoT devices need a proper interface. Simple character LCDs and buttons are useful but nowadays considered obsolete. Rather a device with a mobile interface is more and more appreciated. That is the reason why a ready to use App has been integrated into the Zerynth stack.

Zerynth App is a mobile application that allows fast prototyping of graphical interfaces for your IoT projects. Through the Zerynth App, you can run beautiful responsive Graphical User Interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No need for Android or iOS code!

Using it you can turn any mobile into the controller and display for smart objects and IoT systems! In particular, you can manage and control the connected devices programmed with Zerynth Studio, enabling a bidirectional communication channel between them and your mobile.

Zerynth App - IoT Lamp
Zerynth tools strive to be as agnostic as possible and Zerynth App follows the same philosophy. Until now, you could use Zerynth App only on Android. We are now pleased to announce that Zerynth App is compatible with iOS too.

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How it works

Zerynth App interfaces are based on HTML5 templates that can be updated directly in the Zerynth Studio and transferred to the remote backend via the Zerynth ADM. All the logic of interaction between the Zerynth object and the Zerynth App is written in Python, while the UI is specified in HTML and Javascript; this way it is possible to build mobile controlled objects without writing any Android code.

Any data collected or generated by Zerynth powered devices (i.e. room temperature, room light and sound level, etc.) can be shown on mobile by sending an event (and event push notifications!) from Python to the App. The communication also happens the other way round with the App sending events to the Python script which in turn can execute functions. Therefore the App can also work as a remote controller, by specifying in the Python script which event triggers a specific callback (e.g. a switch button in the App can turn a led on and off).

Find out more on the documentation page.

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From prototyping to production without pain!

We are working to make Zerynth App the definitive tool for prototyping UI for connected devices.

But our mission is to help you to switch from prototyping to production as quickly as possible. Once your prototype is ready, you haven’t to rebuild your app from scratch! You can develop your own mobile App using the Zerynth Android or iOS SDKs (this feature is coming soon!).

Zerynth App is just one of our tools. Take a look at the “Get Started” page to learn how Zerynth can help you scale up in the market.

How Zerynth works

In particular, Zerynth Studio that enables features including power saving, selectable RTOS, over-the-air updates of the firmware and hardware-driven secured firmware burned on the device at industrial volumes.


How to make IoT dashboards with the Zerynth App

Zerynth App IoT Thermometer


Take a look at this tutorial to see how to develop a simple but powerful IoT Thermometer, using a Zerynth-powered single-board microcontroller and the Zerynth App as the remote display.

Happy coding!