A couple of weeks ago, we held a webinar at the University of Salerno, where Zerynth was also used as a tool during a whole course regarding Internet of Things technologies and applications.

Introduction to the Internet of Things with Zerynth

During the first part, Luigi F. Cerfeda, our Head of Sales, talked about the history of the company. He explained to the students what our mission is. He also showed them some of the Zerynth Use Cases, highlighting how we are helping a lot of small and big companies to improve their business model through the IoT.

Then, during the second part of the webinar, Matteo Cipriani, our Head of Hardware Engineering, talked about Zerynth tools.

 He gave the students a technical walkthrough of the platform, highlighting:

  • how to write a Zerynth library, to read a sensor
  • the new features of the Zerynth platform, in particular, the Zerynth Device Manager

More about the Zerynth Device Manager

Zerynth Device Manager (ZDM) is a device and data management service that makes it easy to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale.

Each Zerynth user has access to the ZDM instance hosted by Zerynth. The ZDM is also available on-premises, using container technology, on top of cloud providers (such as Azure, AWS, IBM, Google), or your server.

Visit the official page, to learn more.