Smart Agriculture

IoT platform for real-time monitoring of plant health, irrigation systems, and environmental conditions

  • Customer: Pierucci Agricoltura Srl (Italy).
  • Customer description: Pierucci agriculture Srl operates on the market of technical means for flower nursery and agriculture. It produces and sells professional growing substrates.
  • Keywords: smart agriculture, nursery, farming.


A plant nursery requires a complex system of plants, production factors, and agronomic treatments for nutrition and defense.

Farms must reach high-quality standards by achieving environmental and economic sustainability through:

  • The efficient use of fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Containment of water and energy consumption;
  • The decrease in the risk of damage to cultivation from system malfunction and atmospheric events.


Nurset is an IoT platform for real-time monitoring of:

  • Plant health with the detection of salinity, humidity, substrate temperature and watering time;
  • Irrigation system performances with the detection of water consumption and pressure, power consumption, fertilizer level;
  • Environment temperature, wind speed, and direction;

The dedicated web portal allows it to:

  • View and monitor KPIs
  • Set up email or SMS alerts;
  • Set up thresholds;
  • Download historical data report;
  • Manage a digital campaign notebook to record agronomic practices by integrating them with the data collected.

Technology and Services provided

We provided end-to-end IoT development, ranging from hardware to firmware, cloud, and end-user interface design and implementation.

The solution is based on:

  • a customized version of the Zerynth Industry 4.0 Kit (4ZeroBox) running the Zerynth OS;
  • IoT device management solution based on the Zerynth Device Manager, integrated with a custom user interface and dashboard.
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