Zerynth Device Manager

A device and data management service that speeds up the development of scalable, secure and reliable IoT solutions.

Connect any device
to any cloud platform

Zerynth Device Manager (ZDM) is a device and data management service that makes it easy to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale.

Benefits of using the ZDM

  • Devices onboarding and provisioning enabled with gold-standard security practices;
  • Devices lifecycle control allowing complex tasks like remote procedure call and over the air updates (FOTA) through REST APIs;
  • Data Management for storage, aggregation, and feeding of data to the final IoT Application;
  • Event management with integrated alarming engine
  • Easy integration with third-party services and frontends, including all the major cloud service providers.

The ZDM is available as a service and on-premises.

Getting Started with the Zerynth Device Manager

When to use Zerynth Device Manager

Device management is critical across a variety of industrial, consumer, and commercial applications. With Zerynth Device Manager, you can manage large and diverse device fleets such as operational technology systems, machines, appliances, vehicles, and more.

Industrial Applications

Zerynth Device Manager enables you to connect diverse industrial device fleets quickly and remotely manage, monitor, and troubleshoot connected devices deployed across multiple industrial sites. ZDM also allows you to monitor your devices so that you promptly detect any unusual behaviors across your fleet and take mitigating actions such as deploying a hotfix.

Consumer Applications

With Zerynth Device Manager, you can control the deployment speed of your firmware-over-the-air (OTA) updates to consumer devices already in the field, such as smart-home accessories or domestic appliances. You can send an update to ensure devices are running the latest software and push bug fixes or firmware updates to patch security vulnerabilities and improve device functionality.

Commercial Applications

Zerynth Device Manager makes it easy to group your devices into a hierarchical structure based on function, security requirements, or any other category for your business. You can understand the state of any connected device and perform actions across multiple devices at once. You can use bulk registration to register and quickly register a fleet of devices to be deployed at a new building or worksite.


Need help to deploy, secure, and control your device fleet?

If you have any questions about the Zerynth Device Manager and how it can help to deploy, secure, and control your device fleet, get in touch with our Field Application Engineers for a free consulting.

How Zerynth Device Manager works

Zerynth Device Manager helps you register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. ZDM allows the managing of devices and also collects and aggregates the data they produce. ZDM integrates with all primary cloud service providers to easily connect devices to the cloud and other devices so you can remotely control your fleet.
You can use Zerynth Device Manager to take mitigating actions such as pushing security fixes. You can also easily send firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates to your Zerynth OS powered devices, such as the latest software version or a new firmware update.

How the ZDM integrates

Zerynth Device Manager features

Plans and Pricing

The Zerynth Device Manager is available as a free service for all Zerynth users, limited to 1Gb/year of traffic and three months of data storage. Contact us for tailored plans or installing the ZDM on-premises on your favourite cloud service.

Ask for pricing and plans

Getting started with the Zerynth Device Manager

ZDM Getting Started Guide

We recommend starting by having a looks at the ZDM Getting Started Guide that will explain to you how to use the ZDM web user interface and command line.

Zerynth OS Library Guide

If you want to connect your Zerynth OS powered device to the ZDM, you can read the Zerynth OS Library Programming Guide.

ZDM Client Python Library Guide

If you wish to connect to the ZDM an SBC, such as the Raspberry Pi, we have a guide that explains how to use the ZDM Client Python library.

ZDM Demos

If you’re ready to start some projects, and you need ideas, take a look at our ZDM Demos section of the Documentation.

Zerynth SDK

The Zerynth SDK is the gateway to our platform and the easiest way to access the Zerynth Device Manager.
The SDK includes the Zerynth Toolchain, Zerynth Studio, development and debugging tools, and numerous code examples.

Download Zerynth SDK