Yes, it’s real. Exactly one year after the Kickstarter launch Viper becomes Zerynth.
We really believe in the uniqueness of our tools, this is why they deserve an adequate recognition. Viper was a great name for a product, but other notable companies had the same feeling many decades ago, with the result that this name was shared with too many other actors out there.
We are grown now, and ready to take off fast and light, like the design processes that our tools are enabling. Like the butterfly Zerynthia, the fascinating animal that inspired our new name.

It’s been one year since our Kickstarter launch in 2015. Our tools helped more than 5000 users developing amazing connected solutions in just 9 months of life in Beta version. As caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies after an intense transformation process, so great ideas can become perfect products if evolved using the right tools. And in this exciting day we are proud to introduce you the first official release of the Zerynth (formerly Viper) development tools.


The VIPER IDE is now ZERYNTH STUDIO. A new name, the same powerful solution, a better name to represent its potentials. No worries, we believe you will enjoy the new name and features without experiencing any technical issues from this update! Just open your IDE and click the update button. Else, you can download it now.

The core of our development tools is the ZERYNTH VIRTUAL MACHINE. Check out the new dedicated page on our website and get the most from your prototypes and commercial connected solutions. Contact us for additional information about the VM commercial licenses.

The ZERYNTH APP is the ready to use mobile app that acts as an interface for all the Zerynth powered objects. Turn any mobile into the controller and display for smart objects and IoT systems! Download it now from Google Play store.

What’s new in this release?

Well, first of all, we removed the “beta” label. In exactly one year after the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign, we are proud to announce that our suite completed it’s first development phase.
The Zerynth tools include of course all the exiting Viper features and the most recent novelties introduced in the last updates, here there are just some of them:

  • Support for Smart Bluetooth and Broadcom BCM43362 BLE chip
  • Support for MQTT that is now certified OASIS Standard for IoT standard
  • Support for MCU Soft Reset added to the Zerynth VM standard library
  • Zerynth is also compatible with the Mikroelektronika Flip and Click board that soon will be automatically recognized by Zerynth Studio. Details here.
  • First library published by a community user through the Zerynth Package Manager

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support: you helped us growing our wings, it will be amazing to take off together!

The Zerynth (formerly Viper) Team