About Zerynth

Addressing the IoT Software Challenge

The Internet of Things revolution contributed to boosting the features of embedded hardware technologies, making it possible to create connected solutions with high performance and low cost.

However, the software barriers to entry into this new technological environment were still high. As the need for embedded programming to support the latest IoT designs grown, companies and developers were (and still are) challenged identifying the right software solutions to bring IoT to life.

This is not a new dynamic for the ICT sector. Years ago, developing a mobile app required highly talented programmers with in-depth knowledge of the specific hardware. As Android™ abstracted the specific mobile phones’ proprietary architectures and reduced complexity, it made possible for a massive crowd of developers to create universally adaptable apps.

Our Mission

Reducing the complexity and increasing the value of innovative and connected IoT solutions is our mission.

We work with embedded developers, web developers, product designers, and IoT system integrators, providing Zerynth, a complete set of high-quality development tools to program microcontrollers and develop IoT solutions using Python.

We kicked things off in 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that got supported by over 400 backers from 25 countries around the world. Today, Zerynth has thousands of satisfied users that create applications in market sectors where IoT plays the leading role.

It is safe to say that we are on our way to becoming the Android™ of the Embedded world.

Meet the Team

Gabriele Montelisciani
Gabriele MonteliscianiCo-founder - CEO
Giacomo Baldi
Giacomo BaldiCo-founder - CTO
Daniele Mazzei
Daniele MazzeiCo-founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Ray Garcia
Ray GarciaCo-founder
Gualtiero Fantoni
Gualtiero FantoniCo-founder - Business Development
Andrea Tiziano Galizia
Andrea Tiziano GaliziaBusiness Development Director
Andrea Baù
Andrea BaùHead Of Application Development
Luigi F. Cerfeda
Luigi F. CerfedaHead of Sales
Matteo Cipriani
Matteo CiprianiHead of Hardware Development
Fabio Cacciapuoti
Fabio CacciapuotiHead of Operations - Project Manager IIOT Applications
Davide Neri
Davide NeriHead of Software Development
Luca Diamanti
Luca DiamantiProduct Designer
Alessandro Guadagni
Alessandro GuadagniProject Manager
Lana Vulic
Lana VulicDigital Marketing and Copywriting Specialist
Vojislav Gvozdić
Vojislav GvozdićDigital & Web Developer
Lorenzo Marsicano
Lorenzo MarsicanoSoftware Developer
Enrico Neri
Enrico NeriSoftware Developer
Stefania Dal Canto
Stefania Dal CantoAdministration Officer
Karim Ahmed Hamdy
Karim Ahmed HamdyEmbedded Software Intern
Diana Bernabei
Diana BernabeiTechnical Marketing Intern
Tabriz Hajiyev
Tabriz HajiyevEmbedded software Intern


We are continuously working to partner with the top players of the Internet of Things ecosystem, to provide you with the best technology to grow your business.

Become a Partner

Interested in integrating your technology with Zerynth? If you are a hardware vendor, we can officially support your microcontrollers and boards, and you can decide to distribute the Zerynth Virtual Machine license. If you provide cloud-based solutions for IoT, you can see it listed in the Cloud Integrations list.



Love Zerynth? So do we.

We are working to build something that changes the way developers and companies build connected solutions. The change is happening right now and we are looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our fast growing team.

You will join a collaborative team to develop, test and maintain the Zerynth Virtual Machine (VM) and the related tools of the Zerynth software Stack. You will be responsible for software development during all phases of the development cycle, including requirements, design, implementation, testing, integration, and documentation.

Where: Zerynth R&D Office – Pisa, Tuscany – Italy

More details here.

You will help our marketing team to develop technical content (i.e. newsletters, case studies, email campaigns, white papers, articles, press releases, webinars, video-tutorials) and to manage the Zerynth community on Forums and Developers Platforms.

The ideal candidate is a result-oriented freelance copywriter with previous experience in writing about IoT. Python knowledge is a plus.

Where: Planet Earth (with an internet connection)

We always have room for enthusiast talents willing to know more about Zerynth and have a unique experience in a young and passionate environment. We welcome interns in our teams of R&D; Field Applications; Marketing & Sales.

We have senior researchers in our team that will give you a qualified supervision for your academic projects and dissertations.

How to apply

If you are interested in working with us or doing an internship, send your CV and a short presentation to this e-mail address: jobs@Zerynth.com

Specify the desired position in the email subject.

NOTE: regardless the desired position, Zerynth is a startup that communicates globally: being a fluent English speaker is a must-have to join us.

Our Offices

We have two offices. The US office is the company HQ and our marketing and sales base; while the majority of our R&D team resides in Italy.

HQ, Marketing and Sales
W 88th St
New York 10024

R&D and Engineering
Largo Padre Renzo Spadoni
56126 Pisa