Blockchain-enabled IoT shipment tracking system

Blockchain-enabled IoT shipment tracking system for Logistics and Supply Chain


Fragmented and poorly optimized supply chains are a common problem. 

Shipments have to travel around the world in various different ways, and the value of transported goods should reflect the handling conditions, and in turn, the final price should be modified according to this. For example, as the shipment gets exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time, gets damaged, or misplaced, etc.

Guaranteeing trust along the chain cannot be treated as trivial, and it needs to be handled properly.


Using the combination of blockchain and IoT it’s possible to solve this trust issue: all the suppliers can trust a smart contract to store the data got from the shipments, and the contract itself can adjust the value of the transported asset based on the handling conditions — on time spent traveling, or virtually any condition that can be read from an array of sensors.

We built a system able to monitor the environmental conditions of shipments and adjust the price of transported goods in real-time, using blockchain technology.

The system is based on 4ZeroBox and the Zerynth Device Manager:

  • 4ZeroBox is used to get data from sensors and to generate, sign, and send transactions to Ethereum Smart Contracts.
  • Zerynth Device Manager is used to track the shipment, plot sensors readings history, and allow the customer to pay the final shipping price.
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