Zerynth-powered devices and solutions

Everything from fast prototyping to industrial IoT

These Zerynth powered solutions will inspire you to look beyond your expectations of what you can do with Python. You’ll see how Python programming is solving real problems in the industrial IoT, how it’s helping embedded developers with prototyping, and much more.

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Zerynth 4ZeroPlatform

Our IIoT solution for plug-and-play data gathering, processing, and reporting.

  • 4ZeroBox – a machine-to-cloud interface can easily be plugged into both old and modern machines
  • 4ZeroManager – a cloud-based device management service for organizing, monitoring, and remotely updating connected devices.
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Riverdi IoT Display

Python-programable IoT displays with a Zerynth license onboard

  • Thanks to the ESP32 microcontroller onboard it’s easy to send and receive data over WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • They offer tremendous graphical possibilities through Bridgetek’s BT81x graphics controllers.
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Fortebit Polaris

Python-programmable open IoT platform, designed for remote logging and Cloud applications

  • An excellent GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker, available with 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IOT modem.
  • Thanks to the Zerynth license onboard you can program it in Python right out of the box.
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XinaBox IoT Kit

The XK12 IoT Starter Kit is a rapid prototyping solution in Python

  • The CW02 xChip in the kit, has a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Core (based on ESP-WROOM-32) and a Zerynth license onboard.
  • The xChips use a connectivity standard without wires and soldering, breadboards.
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Python for Industrial IoT refrigeration

  • An industrial solution based on the 4ZeroBox and powered by Zerynth.
  • A supervision and data acquisition system that allows you to control your refrigeration and air conditioning system, wirelessly.
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Mikroe Flip&Click

A beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards

  • It can be used with chipKIT core (Arduino-style development environment)
  • It can also be used with mikroC, mikroBasic, and mikroPascal for PIC32.
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