Welcome to the Zerynth Licensing Store

Here you can purchase additional Zerynth Virtual Machine licenses to program a new prototyping board or to flash a series of devices ready for production.


Zerynth Virtual Machines are licensed for the specific microcontroller’s unique chip ID

Once you created a Zerynth Account in Zerynth Studio, you receive a free “Welcome” pack of 10 Zerynth VM Licenses with FreeRTOS (5 “Starter” and 5 “Premium”) to use on any of the supported boards.

 Zerynth VM licenses are for perpetual use one-time cost and they entitle the license owner to future ongoing VM maintenance.

 You can use every single Zerynh VM license via Zerynth studio when you need to program a new prototyping board or to flash a small series of devices.

 Zerynth VM licenses also support mass programming: we provide scripts to control the device programmer and, for big volumes, a collection of pre-compiled VMs ready to be flashed.

 Some Boards already include a specific Zerynth VM license (Aka: Zerynth-powered devices) so that you don’t have to care about Zerynth VM Licenses.

 You can always check your available/consumed assets in the Zerynth Profile Section.


Zerynth Licenses pricing is unit-based and varies with the type of license and the volume.

You can place orders for volumes from 1 to 1000 units.

For ordering higher volumes you can contact us here

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