IoT and Industry 4.0 Use Cases

How Zerynth is helping companies around the world solve real problems.

End-to-end IoT Design

Industrial Refrigeration

Non-invasive IoT solution for monitoring Industrial Refrigeration systems

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Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Open source Python-programmable GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker

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IoT for the nautical sector

Marine Gateway for vessels performance monitoring

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Industry 4.0 Applications

Real-Time Production Performance Monitoring

Industry 4.0 applications for extracting insights from the factory

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Smart Warehousing

Non-invasive IoT-enabled Smart Warehouse solutions

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Smart Waste Management

IoT-based efficiency monitoring system for biogas plants

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Smart retail

Synchronized, interactive and smart retail window displays installed in top level jewelry stores in Paris.

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Blockchain-enabled IoT shipment tracking system

Blockchain-enabled IoT shipment tracking system for Logistics and Supply Chain

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