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Fiber optic trunk lines traverse ocean floors to attach to Internet Exchange points that connect to ISP core routers sprinkled across every continent. From there, cables and antennas branch out to connect phones and computers so that people can share memes, trade stocks and find lovers.

The inventions that made the internet as we know it are too numerous to list. But perhaps the most impactful was the one from 1989. Tim Berners-Lee realized that the internet is only as useful as the things we put on it, and came up with the concept of hypertext.

Today we work to expand that vision to its logical conclusion and give an IP address to any conceivable thing that needs one. And so as text turned into hypertext, things turn into Hyperthings. On this Internet of Things blog we keep track of that development.

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  • Zerynth Continuous Learning

By |February 23rd, 2020|Zerynth Continuous Learning|

This Friday we will be starting the Zerynth Continuous Learning series. Each month we will be presenting a new topic which you can learn about, along with us. Every member of our development team will be presenting the topic he’s most experienced with.  

  • programming language Zerynth Python C

By |February 22nd, 2020|News|

The number and diversity of programming languages out there today can seem confusing. With so many options how can you know which are the best ones?

  • r2.4.1

By |February 21st, 2020|Releases and Updates|

We're glad to announce that Zerynth version r2.4.1 is out with bug fixes and improvements!

  • Embedded World 2020

By |February 19th, 2020|News|

Are you excited about the Embedded World 2020? We certainly are. The Embedded World in Nuremberg is one of the most important events in the embedded calendar.

  • XinaBox Zerynth International Space Station

By |February 19th, 2020|News|

Zerynth-powered hardware is on the International Space Station. Yes, you’ve heard that right, our software is in space now.

  • Zerynth r2.4.0

By |February 19th, 2020|Releases and Updates|

We’re happy to let you know that Zerynth r2.4.0 is now available, with bug fixes and improvements.

  • Zerynth tutorial DAC and ADC

By |February 19th, 2020|Zerynth Tutorials|

Do you want to learn how to use DAC and ADC on microcontrollers, in Python? With this Hackster tutorial, it will take a couple of minutes.

By |January 29th, 2020|Zerynth Continuous Learning|

What have we learned from the first presentation in the Zerynth Continuous Learning series? The short answer is – a lot. The long answer is – we learned about microservice-based architectures.

  • NodeMCU WiFi switch with Zerynth Studio

By |January 10th, 2020|News|

There's a new tutorial on DesignSpark that explains how to program a NodeMCU Wi-Fi switch with Zerynth Studio. A quick and simple application on one of the most popular WiFi-enabled embedded systems - the ESP8266. 

  • ESP8266 post tutorial Zerynth blog

By |January 9th, 2020|News|

Do you want to learn how to program the popular NodeMCU ESP8266 in Python? You don't have to spend hours programming it. With Zerynth Studio it can be done in minutes.