In the latest release, we introduced a new section on Zerynth Studio to help our users control their personal info: the Zerynth Account profile section.

This is the section where you can add and edit your basic profile information, such as your Age, Country, and Work and where you can always keep on eye on your assets.

The Zerynth Account profile section that can be accessed by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the Zerynth Studio.

The Zerynth Account profile section

The Profile Section is divided into four main area:

  • Account Info;
  • Personal Info;
  • Free Zerynth VMs Info;
  • Production Zerynth VMs Info.


Account Info

In this section, the Zerynth User can retrieve the username and email inserted during the registration sequence and the current assets.

Active Repositories” field shows the list of packages and library repositories available to the specific Zerynth User.  Take a look here to see the complete collection of Zerynth libraries.

The “Profile Completeness” bar shows the completion percentage of the user personal profile form.

PRO Users can also check their current subscription type (Monthly or Yearly) with the related renewal date and can manage their subscription at any time (like switching to different plans or downgrading to free user).

Remember that you can access Zerynth Studio PRO (available as IDE or Toolchain) by upgrading your Zerynth account from Free to PRO and choosing a monthly or a yearly subscription, with a simple pricing scheme per single user: $39/month or $390/year.


Personal Info

In this area, all personal info is displayed and the Zerynth User is free to fill the form, inserting the name, last name, age, country, job, company/organization and website.

After clicking the “save” button, the inserted information is stored and profile completeness percentage are recalculated.

In order to help us to provide you the best user experience, we encourage you to personalize it!

Free Zerynth VMs Info

In this section, the Zerynth User can monitor the status of the available free Zerynth VMs assets. The table shows how many free VMs for each supported device have been used out of the total available.

Production Zerynth VMs Info

In this area the Zerynth Pro User can check all the purchased Production Zerynth VMs, in three different views:

  • VMs – FreeRTOS: the table shows how many Production Zerynth VMs with FreeRTOS have been consumed out of the total purchased, including the detail about the distribution of the consumed VMs among the available devices;
  • VMs – ChibiOS: the table shows, as above, the status of the available and consumed Zerynth VMs with ChibiOS;
  • Purchase History: the table shows the purchase history for the user; each row represents a Zerynth product purchase with the related description, date, price, and receipt number for any reference.

If a Pro User decides to downgrade to Free User, the Zerynth Pro Assets (like the Production VMs) will be frozen until a new upgrade to Zerynth Studio Pro.

Remember that for big prototyping and production purposes, Zerynth VMs are purchasable in “Packs”, usable for all the supported boardsYou can get the Packs of Zerynth VMs you need in our store.

Complete your Zerynth Account and get your Bonus!

Complete all Personal Profile fields and you can get two great bonuses:

  • More Free Zerynth VMs! With the free version of Zerynth Studio, you are able to use all the features you need to prototype your IoT solutions and to program for free up to 5 units of each supported board. With the bonus, you can get 1 more Free Zerynth Virtual Machine for every Zerynth supported device!
  • 50% discount on Zerynth Studio PRO! Do you want to program more boards with Zerynth or access industrial-grade programming features? Complete the profile to get a fantastic 50% discount for the first year of Zerynth Studio PRO subscription to be used within 90 days.  Take a look here to get more info about Zerynth Studio PRO!