Industrial Refrigeration

Non-invasive IoT solution for monitoring Industrial Refrigeration systems

  • Customer: Baglioni Srl (Italy)
  • Customer description: Baglioni Srl installs, repairs, maintains and markets refrigeration, air conditioning and air treatment systems.
  • Keywords: Industrial Refrigeration, Retrofitting, Energy Saving


Food service facilities, dairy stores, food warehouses and restaurants are facing critical challenges related to commercial refrigeration:

  • reducing maintenance costs;
  • increasing energy consumption awareness and efficiency;
  • preserving and maximizing stored food quality in compliance with HACCP.

On the other hand, small and medium restaurants are usually skeptical about introducing invasive technological innovations to replace activities in daily processes.


Wi-Ref is an easy to install IoT solution for monitoring and controlling legacy and modern industrial refrigeration systems, adding typical functionalities of the Internet of Things without invasive interventions and apparatus replacements.

Wi-Ref allows to:

  • avoiding waste of time in recording and reporting (usually manually) fridges temperatures;
  • boost efficiency thanks to predictive maintenance and failure notifications;
  • automatically generate reports for food management norms and regulations.

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Technology and Services provided

We provided end-to-end IoT development, ranging from hardware to firmware, cloud and end-user interface design and implementation.

The solution is based on:

  • a customized version of the Zerynth Industry 4.0 Kit (4ZeroBox) running the Zerynth OS;
  • IoT device management solution based on the Zerynth Device Manager, integrated with a custom user interface and dashboard.
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