Zerynth Libraries

Zerynth allows rapid integration with sensors, actuators, and industrial protocols, reducing product development time and efforts.

All the required libraries, packages, and drivers are included with the first installation of Zerynth Studio and then compiled and uplinked to the Zerynth Virtual Machine inside your microcontroller when needed.

Zerynth provides an extensive collection of libraries, organized into 4 categories:

  • Zerynth Standard Library. The Zerynth standard library is composed of many modules ranging from embedded-related features like interrupts, PWM, digital I/O, and ICU to Python high-level features like modules, classes, multithreading, callbacks, timers, and exceptions.
  • Official Libraries. Libraries developed and maintained by the Zerynth team and dedicated to specific sensors, actuators, communication protocols and so on. You can find the source code on Zerynth GitHub repository.
  • Partners Libraries. Libraries developed and maintained by Zerynth partners and approved by the Zerynth team. You can find the source code on GitHub repositories of Zerynth partners.
  • Community Libraries. Libraries published by Zerynth community users and approved by the Zerynth team. The libraries can be searched and installed from the Zerynth Library Manager Section (“puzzle” icon) in the left toolbar of the Zerynth Studio.

Interested in other libraries? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


In the table below you can see the list of the Official and Partners Libraries.