Zerynth Supported Devices

Once you’ve created a Zerynth Account in Zerynth Studio, you receive a free “Welcome” pack of 10 Zerynth VM Licenses with FreeRTOS (5 “Starter” and 5 “Premium”) to use on any of the following supported boards.

When you reach the limit, you can buy more licenses here.

Interested in other boards? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Following you can see the full list of the Zerynth Supported Devices, with a detail on the available RTOS and Features of the Premium License. Click on the board name to go to the specific documentation to see more info about the board.

* NOTE: to get access to the Zerynth Virtual Machine for the MCUs/boards marked with * you have to use your DesignSpark account to login into Zerynth Studio since this feature is exclusive for DesignSpark users.