Zerynth Virtual Machine

Embed Python on your Microcontroller

Zerynth Virtual Machine (VM) is a multithreaded Real-Time OS that provides real hardware independence, allowing code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit microcontrollers, in just 60-80kB of Flash and 3-5kB of RAM.

Main features:

  • the first virtual machine tailored for embedded and IoT that supports hybrid C/Python coding
  • a tiny footprint: 60k-80kB of Flash3-5kB of RAM
  • multithreaded Real-Time OS: each Python thread is an RTOS thread managed by a priority aware real-time scheduler
  • real hardware independence allowing code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit Microcontrollers
  • Python high-level features like modules, classes, multithreading, callbacks, timers, and exceptions, plus some all the embedded-related features like interrupts, PWM, digital I/O, ICU
  • customizable for specific hardware solutions based on already supported microcontrollers

Write once, run everywhere

The hardware independence is critical for many:

  • for Product Designers, it reduces the time to market because they haven’t to re-write the code when they switch from prototyping to production;
  • for System Integrators, it makes it easier to focus on the integration part and select the board that better fits with the project, without the need to worry about low-level functionalities and programmability;
  • for Embedded Producers, it speeds up the adoption of new embedded hardware and opens to the huge community of Python programmers.

Batteries Included

Zerynth allows rapid integration with sensors, actuators, and industrial protocols.

All the required libraries, packages, and drivers are included with the first installation of Zerynth Studio and uplinked to the Zerynth Virtual Machine when needed.



Zerynth Virtual Machines are licensed for the specific microcontroller’s unique chip ID.

Once you created a Zerynth Account in Zerynth Studio, you receive a free “Welcome” pack of 10 Zerynth VM Licenses with FreeRTOS (5 “Starter” and 5 “Premium”) to use on any of the supported boards.

 You can use every single Zerynh VM license via Zerynth studio when you need to program a new prototyping board or to flash a small series of devices.

 Zerynth VM licenses also support mass programming: we provide scripts to control the device programmer and, for big volumes, a collection of pre-compiled VMs ready to be flashed.

 Some Boards already include a specific Zerynth VM license (Aka: Zerynth-powered devices) so that you don’t have to care about Zerynth VM Licenses.

 You can always check your available/consumed assets in the Zerynth Profile Section. Additional Zerynth VM licenses (From 1 to 1000 units) can be easily purchased in the Zerynth Store. For ordering higher volumes you can contact us here